What happened to the colours?

Life would be boring without colours, I believe everyone agrees. Can you imagine black & white rainbows, birthday cakes, candies etc.? Would you sign-up for this?

Childhood = colours

Colours are omnipresent and inherent part of the childhood. Your children certainly love unicorns, lollipops and colourful cartoons. Why would it be different for clothes?

 Colours and creativity

Colours, and in particular yellow, are considered to stimulate creativity. We want our children to be playful, happy and creative and colours greatly influence the moods. We would not  deprive our children of colours, would we? 

 Colours are in the nature

Colours are everywhere in the nature: just look at this beautiful blue sky, yellow sand or the flowers that come in every possible colour and shade.

There is currently a strong focus on sustainability and ecology and we strongly support and adhere to it. What is natural and ecological, however, is not only brown as recycled paper bags. Ecological fabrics can be colourful and that's the beauty - you do not have to compromise and give up the colours to dress your children in quality clothes made of quality fabrics.  

Colours and wardrobes

I have the impression that colours are disappearing from the shop windows and online shops. Does it mean that the society decided to live in doom and gloom? I hope not...

Hanka Designs uses vivid prints and colours to make sure that our clothes are joyful and playful. We have a sense of humour and we want to pass it on to the children wearing our clothes. We want them to feel special and original thanks to the limited edition collections but at the same time we want them to feel truly themselves - the children expressing their own individuality.

Join our colour colour revolution and live a colourful life with Hanka Designs.