About us

My name is Anna and I brought Hanka Designs to life as I felt that there were not enough colourful and fun clothes for children, which would be different to everything that is sold in big chain stores.


I wanted children to wear the clothes that have been manufactured in the right conditions, by correctly remunerated adults, as defined in the European legislation concerning the labour law and working conditions.


I wanted to be sure that the clothes are not harmful for children’s health. When buying Hanka Designs clothes made of OEKO-TEX and ORGANIC fabrics, the parents invest in the certitude that the fabrics used to manufacture the clothes have been tested for harmful substances and that the garment is therefore harmless for human health.

As our production is done locally, we carefully check ourselves the quality of each garment and we apply strict quality standards to ensure the best experience.


Hanka Designs creates very limited capsule collections. We believe that each child is unique and should therefore have the opportunity to express this uniqueness through its clothing that not many others would have.


Most of our clothes are manufactured with the sweatshirt and jersey fabrics. Due to their composition: 85% of cotton and 5% of elastane, they are both natural and extensible. One of their qualities (non-negligible for busy parents) is that they wrinkle less than other so called woven fabrics. Sweatshirt fabrics feature a high proportion of cotton, making it especially breathable and soft against the skin.

We opt for the simplicity – no redundant buttons, zippers and other elements which make putting the clothes on and off more difficult than it should be, thus also saving often precious time.

Most of our clothes have large comfortable cut. This is to make sure that children can move freely and be at ease when playing and having fun.


Hanka Designs is keen on supporting local economy, which gained the whole new dimension in the current turbulent times. We purchase our fabrics mainly in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.

We also want to give back to the society and support what is important to us, namely the children and their creativity. A percentage of the yearly profit of Hanka Designs goes to associations supporting child development.


We strongly believe that clothing and colours influence our moods and this is why we use strong colourful prints that make reference to children imagery – all that in view of putting a smile on children faces.